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Body Treatments



Slimming Treatment  $110 (90 Minutes)

• Our slimming treatment uses various elements from the sea as well as anti-oxidants to help the body and skin eliminate toxins and excess fluids. Treatments are customized to your needs. A series is recommended for maximized results.

Seaweed Detoxifying Treatment  $100 (90 Minutes)

• This treatment has so many refreshing benefits it will leave you feeling completely renewed. Elements from seaweed are incorporated into this treatment, allowing your body to detox and eliminate unwanted toxins. You will leave feeling purified like never before.

Salt Glow  $50 (45 Minutes)

• Pure sea salts from the coast from of France are used to gently remove dead surface cells and impurities for softer, smoother skin. A light moisturizer (scent of your choice) is then applied to nourish and protect the skin.

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